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Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Black Box Analog Design HG-2 [Review]

In-depth review of the HG-2 · Tube mix bus enhancer · Harmonic overtones · Even and odd order harmonics · Tubes vs. transistors vs. plug-ins - MUSIC Used with kind permission from the respective copyright owners. Documentation can be obtained by contacting the email below. Gear Grotto theme music © Turkman Souljah/Hideout Background music 1 © Wafande/Pharfar/Musicall/Ultra Galla Background music 2 © Diamond/FishCorp Music example 1 © Borneland/Music For Dreams Music example 2 © Kato/Big Fish/disco:wax LEGAL Gear Grotto has not received any monetary compensation, free or discounted hardware or software as direct or indirect payment from the companies whose products are mentioned in this video, neither is Gear Grotto affiliated with the companies or persons representing these companies. Gear Grotto is a subsidiary of Platinum Audio Group, Denmark. CONTACT Please contact Holger Lagerfeldt at with any enquiries.