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Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ Overview

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ A quick overview of the LilFrEQ from Empirical Labs. Empirical Labs is well known for taking a somewhat unique approach to how their signal processors get the job done, and the Lil FrEQ Equalizer is certainly no exception to that philosophy. Just about all of the tone sculpting tools any audio engineer needs have been ingeniously combined into a compact single rack space box, while still delivering the highest performance standards of any design in its class. Lil FrEQ has eight sections of processing -- what other equalizer offers that? What's more - in addition to the unit's master bypass, each of the Lil FrEQ's sections features its own dedicated bypass switch, letting you instantly A/B the effect of each section as you adjust and fine-tune them. Let's take a tour.... The High Pass section cuts all content below one of eight preset frequencies ranging from 30-330 Hz. This sharp 18dB per octave filter has a special shape that prevents frequencies from thinning out just above the cutoff point. The corner frequency is selected using up/down buttons, and indicated by LEDs that glow softly when the section is bypassed, and brightly when engaged. The high and low shelving knobs function similarly to the familiar "bass and treble" tone controls found on many consumer audio playback systems; however, these are designed to a way higher performance standard, providing exceptionally smooth and musical boost and cut on the high and low frequencies. The heart of the Lil FrEQ is its four sections of fully parametric EQ (LF, Lo Mid, Hi Mid and HF), with each section featuring individual gain, bandwidth (or Q) and frequency controls. It may be the cleanest parametric EQ section ever produced, operating below .0007% Total Harmonic Distortion, even at extremely high audio levels. The dual mode DS (Dynamic EQ) section houses the best performing, easiest to use, and possibly most natural sounding "De-esser" ever built. This precision tool combines tunable filters with a compressor-like circuit that can contain and control excessive high frequency content such as sibilants or other sharp transients, especially in the absence of other lower frequency content. In it's other mode, it can be used as a one-of-a-kind soft knee high frequency limiter. Modeled after old vinyl lathe cutting HF limiters, it's a feature that's made the Lil FrEQ the go-to EQ for many engineers all over the world. As far as inputs and outputs, just about any possible connectivity scenario is covered. A front panel instrument level unbalanced ¼" input makes it easy to jack into the Lil FrEq when it's racked up, turning the Lil FrEQ into a super performance DI box with EQ. On the back panel, fully balanced ¼" and XLR inputs are provided; and, along with the ¼" unbalanced out, two separate XLRs allow a choice of Class A transformer or transformerless balanced output. For "color", the Class A transformer output uses the same transformer as the NEVE 1073. Empirical Labs has packed an awful lot of power and flexibility into the Lil FrEQ, and it can already be heard on many acclaimed albums and major live performances all over the world. To hear it for yourself, call or contact your local Empirical Labs dealer to get more info, or to arrange to get one (or two!) of these top-notch tools into your rack for a test drive. We know you'll love it! © 2012 Empirical Labs, Inc. - All Rights Reserved