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Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

elysia | alpha compressor story (english)

This is the exciting story with interesting insights of the company elysia and the success of our first product, the alpha compressor, and how it became the ultimate and most demanded analog mastering compressor today. Watch how elysia founder and CEO Ruben Tilgner talks about the development of one of the best analog mastering compressors on the market. The alpha compressor is still used by award-winning mastering engineers around the world. All our developments start from scratch. Instead of reproducing dusty vintage icons, elysia has focused on current requirements in studio and stage life. Our profound knowledge in discrete Class A technology is the basis for the realization of even tricky ideas and for the most important thing of all: unforgettable sound quality. alpha compressor | elysia Website | #elysia #alphacompressor #ClassA #mastering #analoggear #masteringcompressor