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Hands-on elysia: transient shaping with nvelope | Episode 3

Hands-on elysia: nvelope | the transient shaper/ transient designer In the third episode of our new tutorial series "hands-on elysia" our friend and music producer Carlo Corrieri from the Producer-Duo "Tough Sale" continuing to talk about transient shaping with nvelope. This episode is about shaping sounds in a mastering situation. In the history of elysia, this is one of the most important product besides the alpha compressor, because our CEO, Ruben Tilgner, invented the original Transient Designer for SPL in the 90s and then developed this concept even further to the next level. The results are awesome in terms of pristine audio quality, usability, and overall creativity. nvelope is available as a 1RU 19" Rack Version, 500 Module (nvelope 500) and nvelope qube! Check the elysia website: Buy nvelope: Check our Transient Designer Story Blogpost: Visit Tough Sale on Instagram: #elysia #nvelope #transientdesigner #transientshaper #analoggear