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Transform your sound with Rupert Neve Designs MBT

Transform Your Sound

For over sixty years, audio transformers have been the cornerstone of Mr. Rupert Neve’s approach to audio circuit design. The custom transformers by Rupert Neve Designs (RND) are a key component in nearly every RND product.

Packed with these exceptional transformers, the MBT offers an impressive range of tonal options designed to sweeten, enhance, drive, widen, and completely transform your source material, making it the ultimate tool for musical coloration.

Create Tonal Magic with the Shelf EQ

The all-new 2-band Shelf EQ section, featuring 3 octave ranges, gentle slopes, and minimal phase shifts, was crafted for simplicity and elegance. This smooth, musical EQ excels at providing just the right amount of tonal enhancement, especially when interacting with the MBT's other sections.

Breathe New Life with the Color Comp

The Color Comp, featuring a new optical compressor design, highlights the non-linear distortion and “colorful” characteristics of the Opto cell, bringing your source material new life and depth.

The Color Comp includes:

  • Two selectable ratios
  • A sweepable high-pass side-chain filter
  • Variable threshold and release
  • 20dB of Class-A makeup gain
  • Blend control for parallel processing

Discover New Dimensions with Width

Designed to increase the perceived stereo spread without compromising low-end focus, the Width section enhances your mix's spatial qualities.

Inspired by the Stereo Field Editor (SFE) “WIDTH” controls found on our award-winning Master Buss Processor, the MBT’s Width section includes several key differences:

  • The Width control on the MBT is additive only, with a greater range for more extreme adjustments.
  • A variable high-pass filter (50Hz to 800Hz) allows you to adjust the Width content, keeping low frequencies more centered while spreading mids and highs to create more space.
  • Subtle high-frequency tapering of the Width content prevents overemphasis of harsher high frequencies.

Transform your tone with the MBT, and explore the full potential of your music!

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