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WesAudio DIONE 500 Series Bus Compressor Review VCA SSL Style Analog Compressor Digitally Controlled

Wes Audio Dione: David's Mixing Course: Waves Plugins Deals: Free Plugins & Discounts: THE BEST LOOPS 20% OFF WITH OUR DISCOUNT PREMIUM MIXING COURSES: MixbusTV WEBSITE: Release Your Music Independently with Distrokid: Recommended Budget Recording Gear by MixbusTV: MixbusTV Gadgets: Mixing Tricks: Mastering & Loudness: Hardware vs Plugins: Subscribe: Mix & Mastering Inquiries: Rock Mix: 5.16 Pop Mix: 6.19 Automation: 7.44 EDM Mix: 8.27 Drums: 9.28 In this video David shows us his new favorite Bus Compressor, the 500 Series SSL Style Compressor DIONE from WES AUDIO. Best sounding SSL style compressor in the 500 series, with incredible and unique features like, touch sensitive encoders that you can automate, plugin interface, analog circuit digitally controlled via USB, variable THD, "THAT2181" VCAs components, total instant recall, presets and 24dbu of headroom! An incredible unit with all the benefits of a plugin in an analog compressor. All the songs used in the video are mixed and mastered by David. Mix & Mastering Inquiries: Donate: Join MixbusTV on - For exclusive content updates and giveaways!