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The most versatile ribbon mic? | AEA KU5A

➡️➡️Click here to check out the AEA KU5A: ➡️➡️Click here to enter the giveaway: ➡️➡️Click here to download the multitracks: Today, we are trying out another fantastic mic: the AEA KU5A! We are going to be doing a demo of this mic by recording a full song, and we will give you the multitracks as well so you can hear exactly how this mic sounds! The AEA KU5A is a ribbon microphone, but it has a much more extended high end that any other ribbon microphone I have ever used. It is warm, meaning it has low mids, and a full bodied sound down at the low end. Probably the most important difference between the KU5A and other ribbon microphones, though, is the fact that the KU5A is a super cardioid microphone, instead of a figure of 8. Most ribbon microphones are figure of 8 mics, meaning that when you put them up, you are hearing the back as well as the front. Since the KU5A is a super cardioid microphone, it is very focused in the front. This allows the microphone to reject bleed from other instruments, room reflections, and loud ambience in the studio and on stage. This microphone will work in both live and studio situations. I think that for a ribbon microphone, this could be one of the most versatile ribbon microphones out there! ❤️My Favorite Plugins: ➡️Waves MV2: ➡️Waves RBass: ➡️Renaissance Vox: ➡️Renaissance Compressor: ➡️Warren Huart IR Pack ➡️Warren Huart Kemper Pack ❤️GEAR: ➡️Stealth Sonics: ➡️UK Sound 1173: ➡️Apollo x16: ➡️Apollo Twin: Join the community here: Facebook Group Facebook Page: Instagram Twitter ❤️❤️Free 3 Part Mixing Course: Sign up here to get exclusive videos and content #ProduceLikeAPro #HomeRecording #MicDemo Giveaway Winners: Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.