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DAW - Digital Audio Workstations

Nowadays, most of the audio recordings, editing and mixing happens digitally, that is why one of the main producers tools is a DAW, or a Digital Audio Workstation

DAW allows us to record audio, edit it on the fly, play virtual instruments and work with MIDI, mix the tracks using plugins.

Modern DAWs use the same basic principle, but every each one of them has their unique set of features that sets them apartm and every producer can choose one or a few that fit his workflow.

Which ever one you choose, we will learn how to:

  • Record and edit audio
  • Work with MIDI and make virtual instrument parts
  • Sample and manipulate audio
  • Build the track from the idea to the finished master
  • Mix with stock plugins

You will also learn a lot of tips and tricks that will help you be effective and focus on the creative aspects!

In our workshops you can learn:

Pro Tools

Industry strandard. One of the first DAW, this software is still one of the most popular amongst pros and can be foung in the best world class recording and post produciotion studios. Great for big and small recordings, editing and mixing.
If you know Pro Tools it will be easier to understand the other DAWs and you will feel right at home at any studio and any situation you fing yourselt in. 

Logic Pro X

Great for both recording and production. Comes loaded with virtual instruments, plugins and samples and is very reasonably priced. Mac only though.

Ableton Live

A perfect fit fot hip hop and EDM producers. Large session multi track recording is not Lives storng side, but Ableton offers lots of unique solutions and workflows that fully makes up for it. 

It is also widely used on live performaces and combined with the Push controller becomes a nothing less than a musical instrument!

If you want to learn one of the DAWs, or music production in general, contact us, or fill out the form and we'll set up a free demo workshop!

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