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Music theory and arrangement

Music theory does not have to be boring any more!

It is of course a very important building block of every song and every producer should understand how to make a pretty chord progression and what is a pentatonic. Our course delivers this knowledge easy and painless.

Song arrangement is also extremely important part of a production, during which, you can create or solve a lot of problems that will only become visible later, during the mixing stage. 

Good song structure, choice of instruments and their proper usage will allow you to mix instead of fixing the problems of instruments masking each other. Chord progressions will allow the listeners feel the music much more vividly. Write a good melody with a hook and they will hum your song all day. Make a groovy rhythm and bass line and noone will be able to stand still.

This part of the course will help you understand:

  • Notes and intervals
  • Scales and modes
  • Chords and how to figure them out
  • Harmony, tension and release
  • Making melodies
  • Rhythms and bass lines
  • Instrument voiceing and song dynamics

You will also learn a bunch of production tricks world famous producers use in their tracks.

If you want to learn about music theory, or music production in general, contact us, or fill out the form and we'll set up a free demo workshop!

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