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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Sampling and audio manipulation

A lot of modern music genres are using samples in one way or anither.

It can be anything from swapping a drum sound with a sample, or uning a sound effect or even using a part of someone elses music in your own track.

In any case, a producer should be able to effectively find, select, edit, process and use a sound.

During our course we will:

  • Creatively use sounds and make whole instruments out of samples
  • Make our own instrument and sample libraries
  • Find the songs choicest parts and use them in our track, like the klassic hip hop producers once did
  • Quickly swap drum sounds
  • Make audio elastis, change its pitch and tempo
  • Stick the tracks together to create mashups

f you want to learn about sampling, or music production in general, contact us, or fill out the form and we'll set up a free demo workshop!

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